Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Herbal Medicine - The Original Medicines

Can you imagine a world without bottles of aspirin and antibiotics? How would you feel if your doctor had no drugs to prescribe for serious illnesses? This was the world of our not-so-distant ancestors and, what’s more, it still exists today in Third World countries. Yet it is precisely this primitive world that we owe for all the benefits of modern medicine we enjoy.

The pharmaceutical industry has learned to harness the power of many natural substances, producing synthetic versions which have become our prescription and over-the-counter drugs. These have brought undoubted advances, but often at the cost of debilitating side effects and complications.

Meanwhile, more and more scientific research is serving to remind us of nature’s own safer, gentler packages of healing power which lie behind so many of today’s drugs. The truth is that remedies like Grandma’s elder berry wine and the Chickasaw Indians’ infusion of willow root are scientifically proven! As more and more natural remedies are tested and refined, the apparent need for expensive drugs with dangerous side effects declines. Science is showing real medical advances are in store as we learn to combine old wisdom with new.

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