Monday, May 07, 2007

The Best Diet of All

You probably heard this and that diet plans. Eat this type of food, avoid that kind of food, don’t take this and that… I myself have been looking for the best diet; I keep on reading and reading until I found myself lost. I’ve been struggling to be slim, and to be healthy. But one day I just realized that the best diet is SELF DISCPLINE. You can’t do all the diet plans written on the Internet or other media types if you don’t have self discipline. You can’t do the exercise thing if you are so lazy and keeping yourself just to be the way you are. You have to change your inner self first. Your attitude towards dieting is a big factor. In addition, if you would summarize all the listings about diet, you’ll just come up to a conclusion: to have a successful diet you have to be in moderation, eat the right food and do exercise to burn calories.

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