Friday, August 07, 2009

Natural Cure for Toothache and Bad Breath

Toothache results from the pressure upon a dental nerve at the tooth’s center. Bacteria trapped as plaque on the teeth react with sugar in the mouth and break down the calcium salts in the tooth’s substance. Chalky tartar around the base of the teeth causes numerous problems including bad breath (halitosis) bleeding gums, infection and dental loss.

Natural Cure

Reduce sugary foods to combat mouth acid and reduce decay. Chewing nuts, apples and raw vegetables cleanses and strengthens the teeth. Teeth also need calcium found in milk and its products, mineral water, green vegetables, nut, tinned salmon, sardines and other bony fish, calcium absorption into the bloodstream is aided by vitamin D made in the skin when exposed to sunlight and found in fish liver oil, mackerel, salmon and sardines.

A mouthwash made by infusing half and a handful of rose petals, blueberry leaves, violet petals and sage in a liter of water, used daily, eases gum inflammation and helps to protect and strengthen teeth.

One dose every 4-8 hours or 3-4 times per day: mercurius 6c tender, spongy gums which bleed easily, loose teeth and bad breath; chamomilla 6c for unbearable toothache, aggravated by cold air and warm food and drink and coffee at night; or coffea 6c for toothache aggravated by heat or hot food relieved by applying ice.

SOURCE: Home Remedies – A guide to symptoms and cures by Dr. Caroline Shreeve

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