Sunday, September 21, 2008

Earwax: To Remove or Not to Remove?

I personally had been treated with my ear infection just this year. It was extremely painful and I feel like I’m going to be deaf. Then I decided to go to the doctor to see what’s on my ear. I’m surprised there was something on it. A white-like-plastic or something… I don’t know what it is. The doctor said maybe dirt and there’s an infection. I have to take antibiotic and get back to him and see if the infection is still there. I got back after a week and the infection was gone.

After a month the pain got back, I’ve got ear infection again unfortunately. I go to another doctor and she said that whenever I take a bath, I should wear ear plug because the water is getting on my ear and another reason is that, I’m removing my earwax so frequently (almost every day). That’s because whenever I feel itch on my ear, I rush on my room and get a cotton buds.

My doctor also said that I should have a little earwax on my ear because if it is too clean, my ears would really get dry and itchy. She said that my ears are so dry so she recommended some vitamins. I got better after that. I’ve used my earplug for about 6 months and fortunately, the infection doesn’t come back. I should always be careful with my ear.

Now to answer the question, TO REMOVE OR NOT TO REMOVE EARWAX, according to some doctors, earwax removal should be left on your ear. You don’t have to remove it unless you are experiencing symptoms associated with earwax buildup and blockage of your ear canal. These symptoms include earache, progressive hearing loss, tinnitus, noises on your ear, itching, odor or discharge. According to what my doctor said, you should leave a little earwax on your ear because if it’s too clean, the ears would get too dry and itchy and the tendency is, you will have to use cotton buds to relieve the itch which can make the scenario worst, just like on my case.

So the verdict, LEAVE YOUR EARWAX ON YOUR EARS! Don’t be so stubborn and have self discipline! I’ve learned my lessons pretty well. Heheheh

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