Friday, February 22, 2008

High Mercury Level in Canned Tuna

High Mercury Level in Canned Tuna

Recently I’ve read a health news article about high mercury level in canned tuna. I was alarmed because I’m always eating canned tuna. I don’t want to eat pork or beef because it may affect my current condition. I’m actually a kidney stone former and the doctor said, if I just have a good diet, there would be a great possibility that I will not form a kidney stone again.

The last time I was diagnosed was November 2007 and the kidney stone actually passed out after my shockwave operation. It was so painful while the stone is passing through and I don’t want to experience that pain again.

As part of my diet, my doctor told me not to eat fatty foods and those foods with high uric level. He also suggests not eating so much food with high calcium level. Right now, I’m just eating fish, fruits and vegetables. And to be honest, I feel so great with my current diet. No bloating, no hyper acidity and my metabolism is doing well.

But as I said before, I am alarmed by this article I’ve read from Dr. Mercola

“About half of the canned tuna in the United States is imported. The federal government advises pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children to avoid fish with high levels of mercury. Elevated mercury levels have been linked to learning disabilities in children and to heart, nervous system and kidney damage in adults.”

Here’s the link Mercury Levels Higher in Some Imported Tuna

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