Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Procrastination – The Worst Traitor of All!

When I’m alone and all by myself, I’m thinking of things that I should do and those things that I MUST do… thinking that certain things should be done. But when I’m about to do it, there’s something inside me that wasn’t able to make things up. So I always end up to thinking and thinking and thinking ‘til it’s over and I didn’t do the task I should do.

This thing is what we all know as the procrastination. It’s a traitor! A virus in oneself, no one can cure it except you. I’m so tired with this thing that kept things undone. And when it’s the end of the line, you can’t do anything more because you let the time passed by without doing anything.

I’m doing this article because I’d like to do the necessary. I want to share my experience to other people who are also experiencing this procrastination thing.

I’m the most chronic procrastinator I know. I’m always thinking of things but I don’t act to finish it. I’m stagnant to thinking and I don’t want that thing. My mind is empty, I hate it! So I want to change the worst me. I have this list of things written into my notebook. I list all the things that I must do and checked those that are done. And after I evaluate it, I’m happy that I finished something. I’m proud of myself and I feel complete.

There are things that you can do stop procrastinating things and so as to stop cramming when it’s deadline. You can have a list of things that you should do and you can promise to yourself that you can do it. It’s not always the deadline, there’s always a second chance. Although time already passed, you can still do things you want the next time.

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